Composer, improviser, vocal artist and experimental turntablist.

Born in Uddevalla (Sweden) in 1964, she was raised in Tunisia, Spain, Sweden, Liberia and Argentina. These regular and constant movements in her early years are clearly reflected in her music: a sonic universe of fragmentations, collages of sound textures and a frenetic vocal chaos of sounds and invented words (or not). Resident in Argentina since her adolescence, her musical training and career begins with the electric bass in central jazz scene of Buenos Aires.
In the early 90's she ventures into free, experimental music and free improvisation where she deepens into the sonic possibilities of the voice, interacting with electronics and the turntable.
She has performed and collaborated and recorded with a great number of musicians in concert halls, clubs, theaters and museums in Argentina and Europe such as Walter Malosetti, Norberto Minichilo, Joan Monné, Fernando Kabusacki, Luis Conde, Otomo Yoshihide, Edgardo Rudnitsky, Juan Mono Fontana, Santiago Vázquez, Enrique Norris, Chris Mann, Larry Polanski, Paula Shocron, Camila Nebbia, Cecilia López, Wade Matthews, Ferrán Fages, Leonel Kaplan, Christof Kurzmann, Sergio Verdinelli, Vinzenz Schwab, among many others.

Her releases to date are:
Perccontrvozcorn (2001)
MBM Trio (2004)
Lovemanual (2007)
The MuniMuni Xperience (2009), a dúo con Enrique Norris
Discado Internacional (2015) a dúo con Enrique Norris
MuniMuni33 (2021) a dúo con Enrique Norris
Come Ranas, FOTO (2014)
NANCY (2019)
Cinco, ett, två (2021)

For the last 20 years she has been coaching and teaching vocal experimentation and improvisation, as well as giving improvisation workshops for voice and other instruments.
She is currently working in two new projects regarding the relationship between architecture and sound: duo project with argentine visual artist Rosario Murúa and experimental proyect in residence at Dos ombúes.
Besides her solo set, she also participates in several free improvisation projects such as the trio NANCY, a duo with Argentine saxophonist and composer Camila Nebbia.

Ph: Leo Balistrieri