Los Dos Ombúes Residency


Geography, architecture, sound and identity.

Los Dos Ombúes is an art residence located in the Pampa outside the town of Dolores, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I was invited by its founders to work with the identity of the place.

I worked with the design of the building and the natural environment through the satellite image. From there the lines as a “score”, an organization that naturally can be sonic. The geographic coordinates of the place can be taken as musical intervals. To choose the key, in the few moments in which there is one , a number was chosen that is engraved on the glass of one of the windows of the place that has been there since the purchase of the property. I made field recordings during the stay both outdoors and indoors (house, shed, office, etc) and organized the audios following the "score" traced in the property.

The sound installation will be made in the shed with 4 speakers (2 stereos) and images of the process.